The KRVIA intends to become a space for the production of knowledge about Architecture and Urbanism. However, we emphasize multi-disciplinary engagements through a variety of initiatives at the   institute.   These   include Annual   Workshops, the   Kamla Raheja Memorial Lecture Series, Exhibitions, etc. and the weekly ‘Encounters’ series. ‘Encounters’ is a once a week event where we invite professionals from various fields and genres to present their work, to encourage students to see design and architecture through a multidisciplinary lens and broaden their cultural understanding of the world around them.


Encounters: Thresholds

KRVIA Encounters Vishwa Shroff Saurabh Mhatre Thresholds: Design ⇌ Technology ⇌ Materiality Transdisciplinary design involves combining knowledge, methods, and tools from various disciplines to create

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Encounters: Alumni

KRVIA Encounters Varun Gulavne Jaideep Mulye MEANDERING TO SYNTHESISJaideep Mulye has been involved in Architectural practice for more than five years through Architecture, Interior, Urban

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Encounters: Not Just Roads

KRVIA Encounters Nitin Bathla Klearjos Papanicolaou Nitin Bathla and Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou will be screening their movie, “Not Just Roads” at the Encounters session. NOT

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Encounters: Carapace

KRVIA Encounters Vruti Desai Carapace – Architectural Installation ( Pavilion Design )https://artomi.org/…/vruti-desai-avinash-sharma-carapaceThe pavilion is designed considering the effects of the Anthropocene and the domination of

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