Research @ KRVIA

At the KRVIA, faculty is actively involved in research on a range of research areas like society, culture, arts and technology.


The school engages with trans-disciplinary research through its various arms. The knowledge generated by the research projects at KRVIA also finds itself reflected in the pedagogy of the school.

Projects funded under EU Erasmus+ Program in the field of Capacity Building in Higher Education.


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The Design Cell is the research and consultancy division of the KRVIA and was started in 1995 with an intention to connect the theoretical and research agendas of the school with the practice of architecture and development in the city.


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The KRVIA has been conducting its Research Fellowship Programme since 1998 with the intent of promoting active research in the disciplines of architecture, design, art, technology, humanities and urban studies. The KRVIA Research Fellowship Programme is offered to TWO research fellows for a period of 11 months.

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The division of the KRVIA that conceptualizes, compiles, curates and facilitates the publication of knowledge produced within the institute for public or limited dissemination.


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KRVIA@30: Visual Diary 2022-2021

Visual Diary – 1996 KRVIA SeminarFirst Seminar on Architectural Education: KRVIA conducted a seminar on Architectural Education inviting some of the most critical minds from

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