KRVIA Publication Cell

The KRVIA has a well-established documentation and publication cell which creates a forum to discuss and debate issues regarding architecture. Articles are encouraged from both students and faculty. These publications have become ways in which the agenda of the school and its work is represented.

KRVIA Publication Cell

The Publication Cell at KRVIA is imagined as an immersive, experimental space of representation for the school’s outreach. The cell conceptualizes, compiles, documents, archives, curates, facilitates and re-presents, through both print and digital mediums, the school’s academic content, infrastructure, engagements, events, workshops, seminars, electives, exhibitions, etc. for either public or limited dissemination. It is a space through which the school can reimagine what an institute’s press can be where the cell allows for better access and transparency of the works produced in the school. The Cell promotes writing, research and image making in the field of Architecture, Urban Design and Planning, Urban Conservation, Housing and other allied fields. It intends to encourage new ideas, conversations and debates in order to produce more nuanced and informed content which shall contribute to positioning the school in the overall discourse of both Architectural pedagogy and practice. The Cell interacts with members and divisions within the school to discern material that can be published. An editorial board consisting of members from within the institution serves as a peer review committee. The KRVIA Publication Cell eventually seeks to provide a platform for academics, researchers and creators to independently publish their work in order to widen the scope of opportunity and outreach of relevant and meaningful work. 


Structure of the Cell/ Organisation: 

The Publication Cell currently (2022-2023) is a team of both faculty and students who will work together through ideation, discussion, planning and execution for various publication documents that fall under the purview of the cell.

Monthly December 2023


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