KRVIA Publication Cell

The KRVIA has a well-established documentation and publication cell which creates a forum to discuss and debate issues regarding architecture. Articles are encouraged from both students and faculty. These publications have become ways in which the agenda of the school and its work is represented.

KRVIA Publication Cell

The cell is the publication division of the KRVIA that conceptualizes, compiles, curates and facilitates the publication of knowledge produced within the institute for public or limited dissemination. The KRVIA through its studios and courses has engaged with actors and agencies involved in architectural and urban productions, largely in the metropolis of Mumbai. The KRVIA Publication cell was set up as a platform to share through compiled formats the learning from these processes, practices and explorations. The broad areas of KRVIA’s interest are architecture, planning, housing, environment and conservation.  The Cell interacts with members and divisions within the school to discern material that can be published. An editorial board consisting of members from within the institution serves as a peer review committee. The Cell is also engaged in producing its ‘regular publications’ in the form of an annual or bi-annual journal (Reflections and Newsletter).


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M.Arch. Newsletter, October 2022

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M.Arch. Newsletter, May 2022

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