The KRVIA is host to a platform for multidisciplinary  events all around the year. It aims at creating a holistic learning experience for the students.

Special Lecture

“The talk will consider the sharp warning, challenge and reminder that the pandemic has given to all professions, including architecture, urban design and planning. If this is a challenge that overturns all our usual modes of thinking and acting, will it demand a radical reconsideration of the meaning of architecture and design? What forms might such a reformulation take? And how would such a reframing affect education and the profession?”
View the lecture here 

Thesis Workshop 2021-2022

The thesis workshop is intended to help students frame and consolidate their areas of interest as potential thesis ideas. The workshop is planned over 3 days from 13th to 15th May 2021 and comprises input lectures and discussions and culminates with the students submitting a written abstract on three topics of their choice