Building Resilient Urban Communities

Increased frequency of natural hazards and sea level rise are expected impacts of climate change in India. Marginalized urban settlements are often vulnerable to disaster due to their location in hazardous areas and the use of non-durable building materials, already today their inhabitants are therefore strongly affected by climate change. But amidst strives to meet climate targets, the poor’s needs are mostly overlooked. 

In this context, there is an urgent need for paradigmatic shift in the education of graduate students in spatial planning and design as well as training of urban professionals from different backgrounds in order to confront upcoming challenges related to climate change impacts on urban informal settlements.

Resilience Paradigm & Southern Urbanism


One of the outcomes of the BReUCom project at KRVIA is envisioned as a book titled, “Resilience Paradigms and Southern Urbanism”, which engages with questions of resilience specific to the Global South, in particular, tier-two cities of India.

Professional Development Programs

BReUCom PDP -4: ECO-logs 2.0

BReUCom PDP 4: ECO-logs 2.0 The Professional Development Program titled ‘ECO-logs 2.0- Digital Interpretations of Ecological Vulnerabilities through Open Source Geo-Spatial Technologies’ is a two day hands-on-workshop series on visualizing, analyzing and interpreting environmental data using the open source Q-GIS Platform. Link to Register: Registrations close on 18th March 2021 at

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BReUCom PDP -3: ECO-logs 1.0

BReUCom PDP 3: Eco-logs 1.0 The PDP-III titled ‘ECO-logs 1.0- Exploring Socio-Ecological Resilience in the Global South’ is a two day lecture series with interactive sessions wherein academicians and professionals both from India and Europe discuss the theoretical underpinnings of resilience and examine the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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