Centre of Resilience Learning (CoReL)

The Centre of Resilience Learning (CoReL) has been set up with the aim of disseminating knowledge on global resilience practices. The programmes offered under CoReL have been derived from the research undertaken as part of the BReUCom project, with collaborations between 4 Indian Institutes of Higher Learning, 2 European Institutes of Higher Learning and 2 Indian NGO partners.


Programmes under CoReL deal with various aspects of urban resilience, and provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of the various factors that enable resilience in our cities.

Upcoming Professional Development Programs

The programme titled “Contemporary Perspectives on Resilience” aims to expose the participants to various paradigms of Resilience in modern-day urban settings. These range from Socio-ecological and Cultural aspects, to contemporary definitions of the issue of Resilience.

The programme consists of the following modules:

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Center of Resilience Learning (CoReL)

An outcome of the BReUCom project

co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the EU.