The Kamla Raheja Experiment started in 1992 with a goal to arrest the drift in architectural education. In pursuit of an illusive profile for a new syllabus, a positive and inclusive system seemed appropriate. Without negating existing archaic courses required for redundant exam oriented teaching, K.R.V.I.A.  converted them into discourses by deconstructed university prescribed syllabus. Interactive discourses by non-tenured scholars put dynamic charge into these topics to lift them from banality into deep inquiries. These events produced a new and congenial academic environment for learning.

– Sen Kapadia, Founder Director


A leading resource for the study of architecture and urbanism. The digital platform offers access to a wide range of books, journals and publications ranging from architectural theory to expert design guidance.



The Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies Library has a rapidly growing collection of books on architecture and other arts from the world, covering their development through historical periods and philosophical values they embody. Also included in the library are the resources on literature, cinema, photography, history and philosophy. This library is regularly referred by in-house faculty, students, fellows, researchers, as well as from other institutes.

A digital archive of resources (out of copyright) viz., visual materials consisting of drawings, maps, students’ works and video clippings is also being created to aid academic activities. However, in-house access to these digitized documents of various activities in the institution are also permitted.

KRVIA Library consists of two sections, the Catalogue and the Digital Library sections. The sections are cross searchable allowing users to seamlessly access cultural and contextual content along with technical and design. 

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Visitor Information 

Dear User,

Greetings from the library!!

As you all are aware, due to the pandemic, the Institute remains closed. The KRVIA Library, however, is provided with restricted access and would require prior permission. The following are the SOPs/Protocols for functioning of Library during COVID-19 Lockdown :


Protocols for the Library users and Staff

Users (Students and Faculty)
1. In the reading hall, only one student per table will be permitted, for a duration of 2 hours only.
2. The users will not be allowed to enter the book shelves area.
3. Only 5 students can access the library at a time
4. To visit the library, prior appointment from the librarian should be taken. Kindly fill the Google Form given in the link below.
5. Identify the books/thesis in advance using the catalogue/digital library from our website and share the details of the same, a field for which is provided in the same Google Form.
6. The books will be kept ready at library on the next day of request.


General Guidelines
1. Library working hours : 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
2. External members are strictly not allowed till further guidelines from the Government.
3. Wearing of mask and sanitizing is compulsory before entering the library.
4. Following the social distancing norms is mandatory.

  • Visitors are allowed on Wednesday and Thursday only.
  • They need to submit their I-card and authority letter from their respective colleges
    at the counter.
  • The library can be used by them only for reference.
  • Books will not be issued to outsiders.




The core learning and working environment at the KRVIA are the studio spaces. Each student is provided with a dedicated work and storage space for the entire year. The spacious studios are structured to encourage interaction between students of different academic years. The studios are equipped with Wi-Fi internet access, projection facilities and display boards to put up student work.



The Computer Lab provides the student with a digital environment to handle Computer aided design, 3D modeling, simulation which are used toward architectural representation; Environmental analysis of the building; Building information modeling aids; Geographical information system aids.

The computer lab is also equipped with facilities like Printer Scanner, Essential Software such as Autodesk Building Suit Ultimate 2014, Design Builder, Rhino 4.0 Educational, Photoshop and Corel Draw etc. 




The KRVIA has a mechanical workshop with machinery and tools to work with wood and metal. A separate Ceramics section has a kiln and a potters-wheel. Students are encouraged to use the workshop facilities to get a hands-on experience in working with different materials



Reviews & juries of student work and displays of the Annual Exhibition are held in the triangular-area and the AV Room. The air-conditioned AV Room is also equipped with a projector and an AV-system for presentations and lectures. In addition, the Institute also has access to Upanagar Shikshan Mandal’s auditorium to conduct larger events.



The KRVIA is equipped with state of the art digital infrastructure facilitating online learning. Digital screens have proved to be an essential tool for interactive learning in the field of architectural education. 




The canteen spills over the stilted area and the lawns of the college campus. It is a lively, interactive space for students as well as faculty.



There are facilities for Basketball, Table Tennis, Carrom, Volleyball, Badminton within the campus. In addition to these, the Institute also has access to a local playground that is shared with neighbouring educational institutes.