The Kamla Raheja Experiment started in 1992 with a goal to arrest the drift in architectural education. In pursuit of an illusive profile for a new syllabus, a positive and inclusive system seemed appropriate. Without negating existing archaic courses required for redundant exam oriented teaching, K.R.V.I.A.  converted them into discourses by deconstructed university prescribed syllabus. Interactive discourses by non-tenured scholars put dynamic charge into these topics to lift them from banality into deep inquiries. These events produced a new and congenial academic environment for learning.

– Sen Kapadia, Founder Director

Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

Five year degree programme, recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA)

Fellowship Programme

Research Fellowship Program since 1998 with the intent of promoting active research

Exchange Program

The KRVIA Exchange Programme was instituted in 1995. Since its inception, the school has taken a keen interest in developing dialogues and exchanging learning experiences with various universities in India and abroad. Since then the exchange programme has grown and we now have MOU’s with several schools in North America, Asia and Europe.


The exchanges are of various types based on intent, schedule, location, interest, etc. Some of these exchange programmes are workshop based; others are semester based, where students have an exposure to regular courses within the host institution. We have also explored the joint studio and joint research format with some institutions.

Workshop Exchange

In this format our students visit a host institution and the students from the partner institution visit us for a period of around 10-15 days, where a concentrated workshop is conducted by KRVIA faculty or faculty from the partner institution. The theme of the workshop is jointly decided. The Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts (GAFA), Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, Tunghai University, Taiwan, TU Delft, ENSAS, France and UBC, Canada have engaged with the KRVIA in this format.

Semester Exchange

This is a format in which our students visit the host institution for part/all of a semester. Our partner institution also sends their students to participate in our semester. We generally offer them one studio, either the Architectural Design studio or Masters studio and theory courses and electives, amongst other choices available.

Joint Studio

This format was instituted by the Tunghai University where partner schools believed that they could work on a common area of interest. This has taken the form of PAAU (Platform for Asian Architecture and Urbanism).

Joint Research

This was a format instituted with the Technical University, Berlin, where a joint grant will allow students and faculty to conduct joint research projects and share experiences from similar contexts across the world. The work produced as part of this collaboration was presented at the Venice Biennale 2016.

Past & Current Collaborations